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Current Facts about Misdemeanor Probation in Georgia (FY 2008):

~There are approximately 88 registered probation agencies and approximately 850 probation officers in the State of Georgia, serving over 640 Courts

~Approximately 254,658 probationers are under supervision

~Over $98,432,301.00 fines are collected

~2,631,936 hours of community service are performed by the probationers.


The Community Corrections Association Of Georgia promotes:

~Compliance with CMPAC standards of officer certification

~Developments of programs for continuing education in probation and related issues

~Officer professionalism and ethics

~The benefits of career planning


Business Ethics   Offender Management   Victim Support


~Professional competition among membership

~Timely and accurate transfer of cases due to contractual changes

~Truthful representation of services offered

~Fiscal responsibility



~Responsible case management

~Results driven supervision

~Professional communication between staff and offenders

~Offender financial responsibility for all services as ordered by the court



~Assistance to victims and related programs


O.C.G.A. 42-8-100


Our goal is to assist in the rehabilitation of each and every client and help them return to their communities as productive citizens.


Please contact us for more information about misdemeanor probation, our association, or about any of our members.

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